John Pickard’s music is published by Bardic Edition and available through Schott Music

Works marked with an asterisk have audio samples. Works marked with a double asterisk have scores and audio samples.

1983 Nocturne in Black and Gold for Chamber Ensemble

1984 Serenata Concertatafor Solo Flute and Chamber Ensemble

1990 Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

1991 String Quartet No.1

1993 String Quartet No.2 **

1994 String Quartet No.3 **

1997-1998 String Quartet No.4 **

2010 Snowbound for bass clarinet, cello and piano

2011-2012 String Quartet No. 5

2016 The Gardener of Aleppo for flute, viola and harp

2019 String Quartet No. 6

2020 Stronghold

2022 Night-Spells