John Pickard’s music is published by Bardic Edition and available through Schott Music

Works marked with an asterisk have audio samples. Works marked with a double asterisk have scores and audio samples.

1983 Ozymandias * for S.S.S.A.A.A.T.T.B.B. Choir

1983-1984 Symphony No.1 for Orchestra

1984 Serenata Concertata for Solo Flute and Chamber Ensemble

1985-1987 Symphony No.2 for Orchestra

1987 Piano Sonata **

1983-1987 Three Latin Motets for S.A.T.B. Choir

1987 Paraphrase on “The Duke of Marlborough for Piano solo

1988 A Madrigal for Thomas Morley for Brass ensemble

1988-89 Sea-Change for Orchestra

1990 Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano

1990 Inscape for Guitar solo

1990 The Flight of Icarus ** for Orchestra

1991 Wildfire ** for Brass Band

1991 String Quartet No.1

1992 The Phoenix for Soprano and Piano

1992 The Phagotus of Afranio for Bassoon and Piano

1992 Ave Maris Stella for S.A.T.B. Choir

1992-1993 Channel Firing * for Orchestra

1993 String Quartet No.2 **

1993 Partita for String Orchestra

1994 String Quartet No.3 **

1995 Men of Stone (Symphonic Suite) ** for Brass Band

1995 A Starlit Dome * for Piano solo

1995-1996 Symphony No.3 for Orchestra

1997 Insomnia for Violin and Piano

1997-1998 The Spindle of Necessity * for Trombone solo and Orchestra

1997-1998 String Quartet No.4 **

1998 Chaconne Viola solo

1998 A Better Time than Ours – A Carol for S.S.S.A.A.A.T.T.B.B. Choir

1999-2000 Piano Concerto

2000 Valedictions for Cello and Piano

2000-2001 The Borders of Sleep – Nine Poems by Edward Thomas for Baritone and Piano

2001 Invocation for Brass Band

2001-2002 Tsunami ** for Brass Band

2002 Black Castles ** for Brass Ensemble

2003 Aurora ** for Brass Band

1991-2004 Gaia Symphony ** for Brass Band

2004 Orion for Trumpet and Organ

2004 Sonata for Violin and Piano

2005 Eden ** for Brass Band

2005-2007 Agamemnon’s Tomb (A Requiem) ** for Soprano, Tenor and Bass soloists, Chorus and Orchestra

2007 Songs of Rain and Sea for S.S.A Choir, Piano (4-hands) and Percussion

2008 Tenebrae ** for Orchestra

2007 Three Chicken Studies for solo oboe

2009 Tesserae for Organ

2010-12 (0rchestrated 2011, 2015) Binyon Songs (version for Baritone and Orchestra) for Baritone and Orchestra

2010 The Burning of the Leaves for baritone and piano

2010 Snowbound for bass clarinet, cello and piano

2011 The Burning of the Leaves (version for baritone and orchestra)

2011 Concertante Variations (Presteigne Concerto) for Wind Quintet, Timpani and Strings

2011-2012 String Quartet No. 5

2012 Binyon Songs for Baritone and Piano for baritone and piano

2013 Sixteen Sunrises for Orchestra

2013 Angry Lament for Open score: four lines (which may be taken by different instrumental combinations) · Keyboard(s) · Drum(s) and Tam-tam(s)

2014 Symphony No. 5 for Orchestra

2015 Forbidding Mourning for String Orchestra

2015 In Sea-Cold Lyonesse for Choir Orchestra

2015 O Magnum Mysterium – motet for SATB Choir

2015 Binyon Songs version for Baritone and Orchestra

2016 Daughters of Zion for Ensemble

2016 Ghost-Train for Ensemble

2016 The Gardener of Aleppo for flute, viola and harp

2017 Rain, Steam and Speed for Brass Band

2018 Mass in Troubled Times for 18 Unaccompanied voices

2018 The Art of Beginning for Orchestra

2019 String Quartet No. 6

2020 Verlaine Songs for Ensemble and Solo Voice

2020 Stronghold

2020 Piano Sonata No.2

2020 Men of Stone (version for Symphonic Wind Band)

2020 Verlaine Songs

2021 Symphony No.6 for Orchestra

2022 Night-Spells

2023 Verlaine Songs (version for Voice, Violin and Piano)

2023 A Valediction: Forbidding Mourning for Voice and Piano

2023 Departures for two violas


1992 Bridal Lullaby (Percy Grainger) Transcription for Orchestra

1997 The Battle Song (Havergal Brian) Transcription for Brass Band

1998 Toccata (Monteverdi) Transcription for Chamber Ensemble

2002 Mazurka in A minor Op. 17 No.4 (Chopin) Transcription for Brass Band

2007 Sospiri (Elgar) Transcription for String Quartet

2014 The Vision of Cleopatra – Tragic Poem by Havergal Brian for Orchestra and SATB Choir

2020 6 Maeterlinck-Lieder by Alexander von Zemlinsky