John Pickard’s music is published by Bardic Edition and available through Schott Music

Works marked with an asterisk have audio samples. Works marked with a double asterisk have scores and audio samples.

1987 Piano Sonata **

1987 Paraphrase on “The Duke of Marlborough for Piano solo

1990 Inscape for Guitar solo

1992 The Phagotus of Afranio for Bassoon and Piano

1995 A Starlit Dome * for Piano solo

1998 Chaconne Viola solo

2000 Valedictions for Cello and Piano

2004 Orion for Trumpet and Organ

2004 Sonata for Violin and Piano

2009 Tesserae for Organ

2016 Daughters of Zion

2016 Ghost-Train for Ensemble

2020 Piano Sonata No.2