The Online Orchestra – In Sea-Cold Lyonesse

The Online Orchestra is a project funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council to enable children and amateur musicians who live in remote communities to play in an orchestra. The performers are connected online in a completely immersive environment, in which they can both see and hear their fellow performers in the various locations. The first performances by the Online Orchestra took place on 12 July 2015, with performers and audiences in Truro Cathedral, Mullion School and Five Islands School, Scilly, conducted by Jonathan Hargreaves (who was located at the Penryn Campus of Falmouth University). ‘In Sea-Cold Lyonesse‘ was composed especially for this performance.


Here is a short video explaining the project and showing part of the performance, a recording of the complete work will be available soon.

Online Orchestra World Premiere from OnlineOrchestra on Vimeo.

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